OVERVIEW The Arab Architects

HQA pools and coordinates a vast network of resources that offer a wide range of services in the field of development.

HQA is in the business of delivering "turn-key" solutions that meet the development needs of our clients, with emphasis on cost effectiveness, efficiency, and quality assurance.

HQA is an international corporation with offices and affiliates in various locations worldwide, making it easier for customers to access and utilize our services.

HQA’s quality of service is accomplished by its comprehensive interfacing approach in which multi-disciplinary activities are integrated with a high level of coordination and organization.

With our extensive international network, HQA can insure that projects are undertaken according to local regulations, regional conditions, and the highest international standards.

The principals and associates of HQA have had a broad range of experience in Development, Project Management, Design, and Operational and Maintenance Management. The projects undertaken have been as diverse as the experience and know-how of our workforce. Areas such as urban planning, health care facilities, industrial facilities, commercial facilities, conference facilities, universities, hotels, palaces, residential developments, and telecommunications facilities are a few examples of HQA's ability to apply its experience and know how where its needed.

HQA invests in a long term strategy of research and development that allows it to continually update its technical resources, to up grade its human resources, and to maintain a working and practical expertise of emerging technologies, management methodologies and professional standards

The bottom line is that HQA can be your single source for all your Project Management