Core Competencies

Core Competencies The Arab Architects

Research and Intelligence: In-depth, targeted research and intelligence to help our clients navigate the market development process.

Global Network: HQA continually cultivates its existing global base of resources to ensure that projects, ventures, and clients are provided with the quality, value, and efficiency that they require. Furthermore, HQA's global footprint allows project delivery or effective business engagement in virtually any country or region.

Strategic Planning: Rigorous planning, analysis, and modeling systems, such as SWOT analysis, business paradigm modeling, and market impact assessments, provides HQA with the confidence and strength to meet business objectives, as well as to guarantee the success of projects and ventures that we engage in.

Project and Program Management: In order to secure the integrity, timeliness, quality, and cost effectiveness of projects, HQA utilizes world class project and program management applications, methods, and theory.

Leading Technology: Proprietary project management and collaboration software provides HQA with the ability to manage international and diverse project teams across multiple locations, faster response times, and ultimately completing projects to the highest international standards.